Thursday, February 28, 2013

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Feb 24, 2013): Body Parts and Kind of Doctor Puzzle

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Feb 24, 2013): Body Parts and Kind of Doctor Puzzle:
Halloween - Doctor Costumes Q: Name two parts of the human body, 10 letters in all. Place their names one after the other. Take a block of three consecutive letters out of the second word and insert them somewhere inside the first word without otherwise changing the order of any of the letters. The result will name a kind of doctor. What kind of doctor is it?
I'm afraid I don't have the answer yet. I've been fixated on trying to make wrist, waist or chest work to create an -ist word. Perhaps it isn't a conventional doctor but is something else? Reminds me of our Halloween theme several years back.

Edit: Shortly after I posted I figured out that Will was looking for an adjective, not a noun. And as suspected, it wasn't a traditional human medical doctor.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Feb 17, 2013): The Cat is Away

Computer Mouse, Pockafwye@FlickrNPR Sunday Puzzle (Feb 17, 2013): The Cat is Away:
Since I'm not going to be around to comment on the puzzle, I'm putting this week's puzzle on "auto-pilot". Please play nicely and don't give the puzzle answer away.
Here's my standard reminder... don't post the answer or any hints that could lead directly to the answer (e.g. via Google or Bing) before the deadline of Thursday at 3pm ET. If you know the answer, click the link and submit it to NPR, but don't give it away here.

You may provide indirect hints to the answer to show you know it, but make sure they don't give the answer away. You can openly discuss your hints and the answer after the Thursday deadline. Thank you.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Feb 10, 2013): Foreign President Puzzle

Country FlagsNPR Sunday Puzzle (Feb 10, 2013): Foreign President Puzzle:
Q: Take the last name of a former president of a foreign country, someone well-known. Change the last letter of this name to an O and rearrange the result. You'll get the last name of someone who wanted to be president of the United States. Who are these two people?
I would have gotten to the puzzle sooner, but the cable modem was on the blink. My hint? The first names have the same number of letters and the middle names almost have the same number of letters.

Edit: Another way to say something is "on the blink" is to say it is "on the fritz". Walter F. Mondale went by the nickname Fritz.
A: (Nelson) MANDELA --> (Walter) MONDALE

Friday, February 08, 2013

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Feb 3, 2013): Famous Authors Puzzle XLVII

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Feb 3, 2013): Famous Authors Puzzle XLVII:
6 famous authorsQ: Name a famous author, first and last names. Change an X in this name to a B, and rearrange all the letters. The result is how this author might address a memo to the author's most famous character. Who is it?
That's silly, J.K. Rowlings name doesn't even contain an X!

Edit: Silly is a reference to the Trix Rabbit which is both a hint to the author's first name (BeaTRIX) and her famous character (Peter RABBIT). J.K. Rowlings' famous character is Harry Potter, a hint to the author's last name.