Saturday, October 08, 2005

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Oct 9) - Non-rhyming words starting M, N and ST

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Oct 9) - Non-rhyming words starting M, N and ST
Q: Take the words MAY, NAY, and STAY. Except for their opening letters, M, N and ST, they're spelled the same and they rhyme. Can you name three common, un-capitalized words, starting with M, N and ST, that again are spelled the same except for these opening letters? None of the words rhyme with any of the others. The lengths of the answers are for you to determine.
Initially, I figured the answers had to be one syllable and if MONE had been a word, I would have had NONE and STONE. Instead, the answer I came up with had two-syllables for each of the non-rhyming words. Can you come up with an answer? As always, I'll reveal my answer later in the week.
Edit: When will NPR ever call me? Not this week I guess so once again here's the answer I submitted.
A: MATURE, NATURE and STATURE are the three words I came up with that have the same ending but don't rhyme.


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