Thursday, February 09, 2006

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Feb 12): Two forms of communication

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Feb 12): Two forms of communication
Q: Name a traditional means of sending a communication, in eight letters. It contains the letter 'R.' Drop the 'R' and rearrange the remaining letters to name another means of communication, in seven letters. This is a modern means of communication. Hint: Both words start with the same letter. What words are these?
With all the news recently about Western Union discontinuing telegrams I figured the eight letter word had to be 'telegram'... well, after lots of attempts at rearranging, I can tell you the answer isn't telegram. I will tell you that the second form of communication is definitely a more modern form of communication and it didn't exist, say twenty years ago, maybe less.
Edit: My wife and I worked on this in the car and game up with what must be the right answer. It's after the deadline, so here it is.


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