Sunday, April 23, 2006

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Apr. 23): Household Entertainer

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Apr. 23): Household Entertainer:
Q: Think of a six-letter word for a common household activity. Change the second letter to the following letter of the alphabet, and you will have the name of a well-known American entertainer. This is the person's full name as he or she is popularly known. And a hint: This person is still performing today. What is the word and who is this entertainer?
Actually my son was the one that came up with the answer. He didn't even know the entertainer, but worked at it from the standpoint of guessing "household activities". Don't limit yourself to thinking that it has to be someone like Prince or Cher...
Edit: Once again the deadline has passed so it is time to reveal my answer. The hint was that the answer is the person's full name as they are popularly known. I thought this meant performers that go by a single name, but it doesn't. Here's the answer with credit to my son who got it first.


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