Sunday, July 02, 2006

NPR Sunday Puzzle (July 2): Boy to Bird to Brit

NPR Sunday Puzzle (July 2): Boy to Bird to Brit
Q: Think of a boy's first name in six letters. Move the first two letters to the end, and you'll get a word meaning, a bird. Then, move the first two letters of that to the end, to name a well known English writer of the past. What words are these?
Well, I struggled with this one and never got past the bird... Now that I've heard the answer I realize it was a type of bird, not a species of bird. And I'm not familiar with the author either... anyway, here's the puzzle answer they gave.
A: ERNEST (Boy's first name, e.g. Hemingway)
NESTER (Bird that builds a nest)
STERNE (Laurence Sterne, English Writer 1712-1768)


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