Friday, December 29, 2006

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Dec 31): As the Year Comes to an End...

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Dec 31): As the Year Comes to an End...:
Q: Think of two words, one starting with O, the other starting with R. Both end with ING, and they have the same number of letters. In one sense the words are synonyms and in another sense they're antonyms. What are the words?
The only clue I'll give is the title.

Edit: 2006 is leaving us... it is the outgoing year, or the retiring year, is it not?
Synonyms in the sense of leaving a position, as in the OUTGOING or RETIRING person.
Antonyms in the sense of having an OUTGOING (extroverted) versus RETIRING (introverted) personality.


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