Thursday, March 15, 2007

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Mar 18): Best S'porting Actress

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Mar 18): Best S'porting Actress:
Q: Take a six-letter word used in a certain sport. Add the letter 'I.' Re-arrange the resulting seven letters to spell the first name of a famous actress. This actress's last name, in five letters, identifies the place where the sport is played. Who is the actress and what is the sports term?
I may have this completely wrong, but I think I saw this actress on a late-night infomercial trying to sell teriyaki however, given the early hour, it's likely my brain was just a little scrambled.

Edit: Get it? Sell Teriyaki... unscrambled becomes...
A: Well the sport is bowling. When you knock down all the pins, you have a:
And bowling is played in an:
So the answer is KIRSTIE ALLEY


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