Friday, March 23, 2007

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Mar 25): Motto Puzzle

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Mar 25): Motto Puzzle:
Q: Think of a well known two-word motto. Say it quickly and it will sound like a different two-word phrase for the result of some auto garage work. What is it?
I don't think a clue is merited this week. If you just sound it out, you'll get the answer.

Edit: Reread those last two sentences and you'll find the hidden clues that I gave you (even though I said I wouldn't). Merited should make you think of merit badges and scouting. What's the motto of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts? Also, the word sound when you are thinking of a car should make you think of the horn...

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  1. Agreed - wife and I got it before the credits finished playing on the podcast version.


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