Friday, March 09, 2007

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Mar 11): Good = Yummy or Healthy?

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Mar 11): Good = Yummy or Healthy?
Q: Name something to eat in two words, with seven letters in each word. All the letters in the first word are in the first half of the alphabet, A to M. All the letters in the second word are in the second half of the alphabet, N to Z.
It's something good to eat, and the answer is plural. And here's a hint: the initials of the two words are A.S.
No hints this week, but just be sure you don't make the mistake I made... I thought the last letters of each word had to be A.S. Silly me!

Edit: I would have thought that chocolate cake was good to eat, but I guess Will was going for good for you, not just good tasting. Oh you caught me, I did leave a clue with the A and S. First word starts and ends with A, and the second word starts and ends with S.

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