Friday, June 08, 2007

NPR Sunday Puzzle (June 10): Accidental Acrostics - Isaac

NPR Sunday Puzzle (June 10): Accidental Acrostics - Isaac
Q: A two-part challenge. Either half will work. Take the name Isaac. Those letters are the initials of a classic song. Name the song. (Hint: the 'I' does not stand for the pronoun and neither 'A' is the article.) So think of a famous song that represents an 'accidental acrostic' of Isaac — or think of any other legitimate 'accidental acrostic' of five or more letters.
There's a Fleetwood Mac song called "Hungry Country Girl" that has the lyrics "I sat around and cried" but that doesn't meet the puzzle criteria for a couple reasons (includes 'I' and isn't the song title).

Our family spent much of the weekend working on this and we truly don't have an answer to either part. However we are singing a couple new songs we created called "Iguanas, Sharks, Aardvarks and Camels" along with the soon to be a hit song, "In Summer, All Animals Combust"

If we figure something else out, we'll post a real clue here. (And we are truly clueless at this point, so don't go looking for hidden clues in the post above...)

Edit: I've since learned that there is an old song called "Ida, Sweet as Apple Cider." I think I might be a notch too young to remember it, so no wonder we never figured it out. I should have realized that "classic" might have meant written in 1903...
A: Ida, Sweet as Apple Cider


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