Thursday, September 13, 2007

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Sep 9): Still working on this one?

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Sep 9): Still working on this one?:
Q: Take the word 'near.' If you shift each of its consonants to the next consonant of the alphabet, and each of its vowels to the next vowel in the alphabet, you get the word 'pies.' Find a one-word title of a famous novel (also made into a film) that — if you shift each of its consonants and vowels in the same manner — gives you another one-word title of a famous novel that was also made into a film. What novels and films are these?
Well, there's the puzzle. I'm actually still working on it so I don't have any clues to post. Even coming up with one-word titles that are both novels and movies is proving difficult. I hate to admit it but, I'm feeling nearly brain-dead. Anyone able to help me get over my large mental roadblock?

Edit: I must apologize because those hints above were really subtle and misleading. Unless you are astute, they don't give you the answer, but if you have the answer, it hopefully confirmed you were correct. The hints were "nearly brain-dead" and "large roadblock". Since it is after the deadline I can reveal the answer.
  • COMA (1977 Robin Cook novel, 1978 Michael Crichton movie)

  • DUNE (1965 Frank Herbert novel, 1984 David Lynch movie)

  • P.S. As a bonus, can you find the name of an animal in 5 letters, perform the same translation and come up with a fabric?


    1. Consonant pairs/blends don't work well.

      sg <- th -> vj


      rs <- st -> tv


      ni <- po -> qu

      Nor do the films require the same titles as the books, do they?

      That was cunningly suggested, but not explicit.


    2. Got it!

      Here are the clues:

      Robin & Frank


    3. Laying on the beach can make you very sleepy.

    4. I see you two have the answers and thank you for not giving it away completely but just giving additional clues. So now that you know the answers, can you figure out my hints above?

    5. Oh, the clues are obvious now.

      Very nice.


    6. Overlooked the clue completely on first read. Subtle yet efficient!

    7. I just can't get this one. Could someone give the answer or a more obvious hint for us slow people?