Friday, November 30, 2007

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Nov 25): What's in a Name?

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Nov 25): What's in a Name?:
Q: Think of a familiar man's name in four letters. Change the first letter to the next letter in the alphabet, and you'll get another familiar man's name. What names are these?
I have a feeling there are multiple answers to this puzzle. I started by ignoring funky letter combinations (like XY --> Xeno & Yeno?). Once I used likely letter pairs, I came up with an answer. Not sure if it is the only answer, but it does work.

Edit: My clues were "funKY LEtter" and "likeLY LEtter". There was also a reference to XY as in the NBC series Kyle XY. I was going to try and fit in "love it" as in Lyle Lovett, but thought that would be too obvious.

I suspect other answers may also be accepted like: BURT and CURT, MICK and NICK, RAUL and SAUL, MIKE and NIKE (maybe), SHAD and THAD (maybe). Any others you want to mention?


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