Thursday, March 06, 2008

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Mar 2): Animal Anagram -- Marionettes

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Mar 2): Animal Anagram -- Marionettes:
Q: Take the letters in the word 'marionettes' and rearrange them to spell the names of two animals that are related. What are they?
I thought I was close when I got "MARTEN" (a member of the weasel family) but I couldn't figure out what to do with the remaining IOEST...

Edit: Oh, but maybe the answer is a member of the weasel family. Take a look at the comments for more hints.


  1. OTTER... nothing. ERMINE... nothing.

    I'm stumped!

  2. VERY cute hint by our host - I appreciate it now that I have come up with an answer.

  3. Mario and his brother Nittes they run a pizza place on the north side of Chicago

  4. Vincent

    It is a short trail from your 2nd guess to the answer.


  5. Stop that over-analyzing! Take it one letter at a time.

  6. Eric turned his post into a hint. If only I could end up doing the same with mine.

  7. I must give credit to Blaine and Vincent for helping me with this one. The weasel comment started me, and ermine helped narrow down the possibilities. A friend who had been to New Zealand had seen a stoat.

    Eric's post was brilliant.

  8. Eric's hidden "s-t-o-a-t" inspired me to do something similar. Did anyone notice?

    "Eric turned his post into a hint. If only I could end up doing the same with mine."

    If you look at the ends of the comment you get "Er...mine". Also if you look at the last letters in "...his post into a hint" you get "s-t-o-a-t".


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