Thursday, June 19, 2008

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Jun 15): English Tea Anagram

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Jun 15): English Tea Anagram:
Q: Rearrange the letters of ENGLISH TEA to name a famous person with a prominent mustache — first and last. Who is it?
I had a couple thoughts when approaching this puzzle. I first thought that the person must have some relevance to today, being it is Father's Day. My second thought was that the person might have been in the news recently; Will Shortz often does that (for example Harrison Ford was the subject of a puzzle around the time Indiana Jones IV was being released). Well, I don't think either of these things apply... or do they?
My hints: The person is a man. And there is only one L and one T available in the letters, so don't misspell his name.

Edit: The main clue was "Today"... and there were lots of good clues in the comments about being "critical", mentions of "onions", etc.


  1. I don't seem to have the puzzle-solving gene. Shall I take a seat at the back of the room?

  2. my first thought it was that it must be STALIN, but that leaves HEGE, and I'm lost...

    I thought about cyrillic, but there are too many letters in his name that have no english counterparts, and that doesn't match up.

    I also thought about SAINT etc. THE etc., like a fictional character...I am going nuts!

  3. this one is so tough! I tried coming up with all the first names I could make out of this and rearrange the remainders but no luck.

    Is the name an unusual spelling?

  4. i might be criticized if i leave a bad clue so i won't leave one Today

  5. After last weeks fiasco, this week seems a breeze. Think I'll go out this Father's Day and visit some relatives down by the pool and eat some onion rings.

  6. mike, I will criticize you and order you to go stand in the Corner!

  7. I'm happy to take any hints - I have been fiddling with this word for a long time today (in between took out my frustration on a bush in the backyard for the last 2 hours).

    I just don't know enough "famous" people with "prominent moustaches."

    Is the person real or fictional?

    Is it a tv character? Cartoon character?

  8. This week's clues are straight from the Onion.

  9. I finally got it. hint: go through the male first names you can make from the letters, and go from there. this one was pretty hard.

  10. It is ro ugh indeed to guess this one. But I finally got it. There are indeed critical clues above.


  11. Hey! Didn't anybody get my clue about the "isro"?


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