Saturday, August 16, 2008

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Aug 10): Product Playtime

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Aug 10): Product Playtime:
Q: Think of a familiar brand name ending in the letters G-S. Change the G-S to an O and you'll get the brand name of a different product. What is it? Hint: The first word has five letters, and the second has four.
I had more familiarity with the second term so I solved it backwards. My wife had no problem solving it forward.

Edit: Both of us had this as soon as we finished reading the question. Hopefully you found it as simple.


  1. This one is definitely a family affair.

  2. I thought of one clue, involving a media reference (something about comedians from some country to the north...); would have been fun but too much information. Anyway, time for morning victuals. Good luck...

  3. My girlfriend got the first answer in less than a minute. girl, my son got the other in less than two.

  4. Where IS everybody? Playing with
    different toys?

  5. Im thinking ZZ Top and Star Wars...

  6. I was soo flippin confused, I thought it was a two word term. Bleh. Got it.

  7. This puzzle has so much significance; it's bigger even than silly putty! You don't have to be an, er, a brainiac, either, to figure it out.

    And all the regular bloggers...? I don't know, maybe they all took off to the great white north. What a bunch of, um, dweebs...

  8. It'd be neat if someone here got a phone call right now....

  9. Ralph Loizzo, There's a character
    in Star Wars named Biggs Darklighter
    who may have reminded you of
    Big O Tires. But ZZ Top stumps me
    unless you thought of tops that

  10. Conceivably someone is wondering what the heck I was trying to do with my clues... so just in case:

    Probably you've figured out the silly putty reference was meant to get you to visualize the egg-shaped container, common to S.P. and L'eggs.

    I was thinking maybe your brain would fill in "egghead" when I used "an" and hesitated before saying "a brainiac."

    And of course, the McKenzie brothers (Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas) of SCTV popularized the use of "hosers", meant to get you to think about pantyhose. But that could be too antiquated a cultural reference for some of you...