Friday, December 26, 2008

Can you solve our Colorful Christmas Crossword (2008)?

This year's Christmas puzzle is a fun, themed crossword. And there is a secret holiday surprise if you are able to solve it. Take a look at our Christmas Puzzle for 2008.

Note: The answer key is posted now, but try to solve it without looking at it.


  1. Fun puzzle, good mental calisthenics. That's a very British style crossword; several violations of the basic rules for a NYT puzzle. I solved them all... had to work a bit to figure out 14 down. Fortunately it didn't drive me to the point where I ran down the street with guys in white suits chasing me...

    I'll offer as a clue, of sorts, that 14 down relates to a particularly fun, and wonderfully descriptive, spoonerism.

  2. Yes, I know there aren't as many cross-checked answers, but of course that makes it easier to construct.

  3. Thanks, I enjoyed the treat at the end.
    Blydden Newydd Dda


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