Friday, November 04, 2005

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Nov 6) - A Beast of a Puzzle

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Nov 6) - A Beast of a Puzzle:
Q: Take the names pelican and antelope, the first is a bird the second a mammal. The last two letters of pelican are the first two letters of antelope, and the last two letters of antelope are the first two of pelican, completing a loop. Can you name another bird and mammal that this is true of? These should be the general name of the bird and mammal not a specific breed or gender. Hint: Each is a single word no more than eight letters.
I think I have the answer to this. My hint is that the letter 'e' does not appear in either the name of the bird or the mammal.
Edit: I'm still not sure if this is the intended answer, but I think it meets the puzzle statement.


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