Thursday, June 15, 2006

NPR Sunday Puzzle (June 18): R-blank and F-blank become Synonyms

NPR Sunday Puzzle (June 18): R-blank and F-blank become Synonyms:
Q: Think of a phrase of the form, Blank and Blank. The initials of the two words in the blanks are R and F. Change the first letter of the second word from an F to a V, and the two words will become synonyms. What are they?
The way I solved this was to look for words in the dictionary... I started with words starting with V and considered which would make words starting with F. Once I hit the word, it was obvious that it was the right answer. I won't give any hints since I think this puzzle should separate the elite from the run of the mill puzzle solvers. My answer after the deadline.
Edit: Who are the opposite of the elite? I guess I did give a clue.
A: RANK and FILE --> RANK and VILE


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