Thursday, November 09, 2006

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Nov 12): Lots of Lather...

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Nov 12): Lots of Lather... to clean one's conscience?:
Q: Take the word lather. Rearrange the letters and repeat them as often as necessary to name a famous literary work in 16 letters. Hint: The title of this literary work has three words, one of which is hyphenated. Name this famous literary work.
My son had recently gone on a class field trip and coincidentally they had seen this story performed as a play. Looking at the letters of 'lather' it was pretty apparent that 'THE' would be part of the title. I was the first to come up with the longest part of the title and then the other word, beating everyone else to the punch. I'll post the answer after the Thursday deadline.

Edit: The hidden clue above was "beating everyone to the punch"... beating, beating, beating...
A: Edgar Allan Poe's THE TELL-TALE HEART


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