Friday, November 17, 2006

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Nov 19): A Political Scramble...

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Nov 19): A Political Scramble...:
Name a famous person in American politics, five letters in the first name, six letters in the last. You can rearrange this to spell the names of two countries, one of them five letters and the other six. The five-letter one is the current name of a country, the six letter one is an old name for a country, but both are well known. Who is the politician and what are the countries?
This person has been in the news recently. And one extra hint, one of the countries is in Asia.

Edit: I had to look through old names of countries to remember that Sri Lanka's former name (pre-1952) was Ceylon. Looking at the letters, Nancy just popped into my head and I got the answer.


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