Monday, October 22, 2007

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Oct 14): A Country that Makes Cars

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Oct 14): A Country that Makes Cars:
Q: Name a country in 11 letters that has an R in its name. Change the R to a K. Rearrange all the letters to name three makes of automobiles.
This isn't too difficult. There are only 6 countries (in my counting) that have 11 letters and an R. And how many makes of car have a K in them? My one hint: None of them are domestic car makers.

Edit: What time is it? Okay, no complaints please. I know I'm late in posting the answer to the puzzle. Last week, all I did to solve the puzzle was search a list of countries as I noted. When I saw AUDI in one of them, I knew I had the answer. By the way, remind me someday to tell you how my Dad tried to find a good play on "HOWDY DOODY" for the license plate of his Audi 4000. Closest he got was "AUDI DUD" but that didn't look quite right.

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  1. Good hint about domestic cars. Sadly all unions dislike imports so it's really hard to come up with names!