Saturday, October 13, 2007

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Oct 7): Say That Again?

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Oct 7): Say That Again?:
Q: Name a well-known city in the United States, two words, 10 letters altogether. Add the letter A at the front, add the city's two-letter state postal abbreviation at the end, the resulting 13-letter chain will be palindromic, that is, it will read backward and forward the same. What city is this?
Well, at least letter 'A' is guaranteed to be the first and last letter... I just had to read it a second time and voilĂ , I knew the answer.

Edit: If you look carefully at the first letters in "Well, at least letter 'A'" you come up with WALLA. In addition voilĂ  sounds a lot like WALLA also. Read them a second time and you get the answer.

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