Friday, April 18, 2008

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Apr 13): A Quick Snack

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Apr 13): A Quick Snack:
Q: Name some places where people eat, add one letter at the end of the word, and you'll get an adjective that may describe the places' food. What are the words?
I'm packing for a trip so this week's clue will be short. Both words in the puzzle answer leave me wanting more.

Edit: Apart from both words being shortened words (delis instead of delicatessens, delish instead of delicious), the word "delish" is hardly one that I see a lot in formal writing. It does appear in the dictionary however.


  1. Your clue was pretty short, but since you're going on vacation we'll let it slide.

  2. Some weeks I never solve it; this week I had the answer before Will S. was done posing the question.

    Marcie and Elisha are still working on it.

  3. Is anything? Or anyone?
    - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

    p.s. The word does exist as a casual colloquialism; the elegance of its similarity and relevance to the first word made it too good to disqualify merely for its informality. True, they might have indicated that it was more of an expression than a canonical adjective.

  4. delis and delish - like Ben, it was a quick solution this week.


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