Friday, April 11, 2008

Can you turn 2008 into 73?

Okay, here's another puzzle in the 2008 series. Can you use the digits in 2008 to form an expression that will equal 73.

If you need the full instructions, check the prior puzzle which had a different target result but the same rules.

2008 Math Expression Puzzle


  1. Got it. I used both the factorial and square root function.

  2. From your description, I'd say you've done it.

  3. If I use a factorial to get to 720, multiply by .1 and add 1, I get there also without running afoul of digits. Agreed??

  4. Well, I would say that .(0!) to get .1 is breaking the rules.

  5. The solution I had in mind was:
    sqrt((8 - 0!)! + 0!) + 2


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