Thursday, July 21, 2005

NPR Sunday Puzzle (July 24) - Traveling the Periodic Table

NPR Sunday Puzzle (July 24) - Traveling the Periodic Table
Q: A 10-letter word for a form of travel, that consists of five consecutive symbols of chemical elements. What is it? If automobile had been the answer, Au, would represent Gold, Mo would represent Molybdenum, and Bi, would represent Bismuth. Unfortunately, the remaining bigrams, To and Le, are not chemical symbols.
To solve this puzzle, it really helps to have a List of the elements by chemical symbol. I'm not going to give away my answer yet, but I will tell you that I did try land travel (motorcycle, snowmobile), water travel (bathyscaph, hovercraft) and even animals (rhinoceros) before I came to the correct answer. Note: as much as I wanted it to, nothing starting with "Police" worked.
Edit: Time to reveal my answer. It wasn't land or water, so that leaves air...
He = Helium
Li = Lithium
Co = Cobalt
Pt = Platinum
Er = Erbium


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