Tuesday, August 15, 2006

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Aug 13): You Put My Car in What!?

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Aug 13): You Put My Car in What!?
Q: Name a make of car containing the letter 'N.' Rearrange the letters to get a new word starting with 'N' that names something you might put a car in. What is it?
My wife and I figured out the answer together. Like last week, we worked backwards. I figured out the 'N' word, she figured out the car make. And I'll reiterate that it is a car make not a model. Think also about the clue for the 'N' word. It's obviously not something like a garage or a carport. So what do you put a car in?

Unfortunately, we are taking five days vacation starting Thursday, so I won't be able to post the answer until after the answer is revealed on the air... hopefully we've given enough hints here so you can figure it out (while we are spending our time idling on the beaches in Cancun!)

Edit: We are back safely with only minor delays from the increased security. We had to transfer all our liquid/gel items into a single bag which then got checked as luggage. Anyway, the answer has already been announced on the air, but here it is:


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