Friday, August 18, 2006

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Aug 20): "And the Oscar goes to..."

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Aug 20): "And the Oscar goes to..."
Q: Name a well-known person in show business, who might be seen at an awards ceremony. Take the first letter of this person's first name, plus this person's last name, in order, from left to right. The letters will spell something this celebrity might say at an awards ceremony. Who is the celebrity and what might this person say?
Well, I've given away a large clue with the title of this post. The answer would not apply to a music awards show; instead think of people involved with movies. I had the answer within a minute, so I don't think it is that hard. The answer for what they might say is a single word, not a phrase.

Edit: Did you figure it out?


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