Thursday, August 03, 2006

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Aug 6): Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Aug 6): Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise
Q: Take the last name of a well-known 20th century world leader -- seven letters. Write these letters in a circle, reading clockwise. Then, starting with the fourth letter of the name and reading counter-clockwise, you'll name an important period in human history. What is it?
This answer came to me almost immediately but I worked on it going backwards. The name should be familiar to anyone who has paid attention to history in the last 3 decades or so.

Edit: Well, you would have heard this name in the news in the late 1980s. And to the person that asked, yes the country would be a big clue, wouldn't it?
NORIEGA (Manuel Noriega, the de facto military leader of Panama from 1983-1989)
IRON AGE (As in Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age)

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