Thursday, February 28, 2008

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Feb 24): Uh-oh! Oops! Drat! Where is that darn city?

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Feb 24): Uh-oh! Oops! Drat! Where is that darn city?:
Q: Take the name Seattle. The letters in the odd positions are S-A-T-E, which spell SATE. Think of another U.S. city name, in seven letters, in which the letters in the odd position spell a common four-letter exclamation. What's the city and what's the exclamation?
My wife had the answer right away but I was off thinking world cities, European capitals, etc. Once I got back to U.S. cities it came to me right away. Isn't L. L. Bean associated with this city? No? Oh well, maybe I'm wrong. Post your clues but don't reveal any answers until after the deadline (Thursday 3pm ET). Talk to you later!

Edit: We'll have to see what the official answer is from NPR. It might be Oshkosh, but I was thinking Chicago, home of the elevated transit system called the "L" and a new sculpture in Millennium Park entitled "Cloudgate", but known more familiarly as "The Bean".


  1. I thought your set of clues was a mite long-winded. You are correct, LL Bean is not in the Midwest.

  2. The possibility of two correct answers exists this week. Ciao for now.

  3. Nice hints, Don. And, yes, LL Bean is in Newport, Maine (which, by the way, is not the answer).

  4. I came up with 2 possibilities:

    Oshkosh ohoh

    Chicago ciao

    Ciao is not necessarily an exclamation, but I have seen it in print used in that manner. Hopefully the site master will fill us in on his reasoning soon!


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