Thursday, February 07, 2008

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Feb 3): A Sporting Chance

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Feb 3): A Sporting Chance:
Q: Name a sport that has only one vowel in it. Change the vowel to a different vowel. If you read the result backward, you'll get a piece of equipment used in that sport. What's the sport and the piece of equipment?
I've gone over looking for the answer to this week's puzzle. Of course it makes sense that the answers are both one syllable, but after trying for several hours now, my interest in solving the puzzle this week is waning.
Edit: Time to reveal my clues:
"gone over looking for", "Of course..." --> GOLF
"waning" = "flagging" --> FLAG


  1. After revisiting this puzzle this afternoon (from this morning) I figured it out. And yes, you are correct, it is monosyllabic.

    I'll post a clue here (which may involve a bit of wordplay):

    It involves woods.

  2. You should know by now that when I say I haven't solved the puzzle, I'm probably being misleading. Congratulations! Now see if you can find my hidden clues to both parts of the puzzle.

  3. Wow! Didnt notice before you give the answer in your comment! In fact you literally spell it out!