Sunday, July 13, 2008

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Jul 13): Names from Early American History

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Jul 13): Names from Early American History:
Q: Name a famous person from early American history with five letters in the first name and five letters in the last. Six letters of the alphabet are used in this name, some of them repeated. These same six letters make up the name of another person in early American history whose first and last names have six and four letters, respectively. Who are these two people?
This wasn't too hard to figure out, but it might be helpful to have a list of names associated with early American history handy. Both names should be familiar to most people. One hint: don't assume that the names are exact anagrams of each other.


  1. Are the SAME SIX letters
    of the alphabet used in
    BOTH names?

  2. Will Shortz said, "These
    same six letters of the
    alphabet" when I heard him
    on KPCC, Santa Monice, a
    couple of minutes ago. My
    question is answered.

  3. Yes, and be sure to pay attention to Blaine's hint!

  4. Blaine said it was relatively easy, but I struggled with it. I got so frustrated I even kicked a chair. Fortunately my behavior wasn't captured on video.

  5. This puzzle is frustrating. I have some possible answers but cannot make the second name out of the first. Any hints?

  6. I figured it out. I only regret that I had to read the clues multiple times and very carefully to get it. No chair kicking, though.

    -The Real Ben

  7. That's funny. I was so frustrated I kicked my furniture as well. Guess I'll have to go shopping tomorrow.

  8. Thanks Ben for the comment about reading the puzzle multiple times. I read the puzzle again very carefully. I had the answer all the time and did not realize it.

  9. Thanks to all of you for your encouragement. As soon as I got the second person's name, I felt much better. Hearty, even!

  10. I just got it. My little buddy Gilligan showed me the way.

  11. Thanks to Rich D., the Skipper enabled me to solve the puzzle.


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