Thursday, July 10, 2008

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Jul 6): Contaminated Anagram

NPR Sunday Puzzle (Jul 6): Contaminated Anagram:
Q: Take the word 'contaminated.' Rearrange the 12 letters to get a two-word phrase for a familiar sign.
For all of you that complained that last week's puzzle was too hard, here's one that is extremely easy. A few minutes anagramming the letters will net you the answer (or you can cheat and use an anagram program). Feel free to leave a comment with a hint, but remember you aren't allowed to give any spoilers before the deadline of Thursday 3pm ET.

P.S. The answer isn't "Tandem Action". :-)

Edit: My hidden clue was "you aren't allowed...". I also liked phredp's clue in his comment about "I can't enter..." and geri's comment about "Admit it..."


  1. So, you don't think "attn: comedian" would work? Sorry, just thinking about the Conan and Letterman comments from last week.

  2. If you want to cheat you can use scrabble solver. But this puzzle is really easy. I got it.

  3. I'm afraid my brain doesn't work well with anagrams. In the first few minutes, I did get "D**nation Tec," which I imagine is a rigorous engineering school indeed.

    May I suggest that it's barking up the wrong tree to look for "tion" words.

  4. Admit it. THIS one is
    FUN. Nothing anachronistic
    or ambiguous THIS week.

  5. I can't enter this week because I'm out of town on Thursaday when they call if you win. Darn

  6. Excuse my accent. That should be Thursday not Thursaday


For NPR puzzle posts, don't post the answer or any hints that could lead to the answer before the deadline (usually Thursday at 3pm ET). If you know the answer, submit it to NPR, but don't give it away here.

You may provide indirect hints to the answer to show you know it, but make sure they don't assist with solving. You can openly discuss your hints and the answer after the deadline. Thank you.