Thursday, December 26, 2019

Annual Video and Puzzle for 2019

Our annual video and puzzle is available now. Simply solve the puzzle to get the password. Click on this link to the annual video and type the password to see what we have been up to in 2019.

Feel free to add a comment below to let us know that you successfully figured it out (without giving away the answer to others). We are always looking for new ideas for next year's Christmas puzzle, so submit those too.

For those that might still be struggling, there is an answer key, but please only click on that as a last resort.


  1. Great video. I didn't realize, Blaine, you are a young 54!

  2. Blaine,
    At the beginning of each week you provide us with a wonderful blog space, and at the end of each year you provide us with an excellent video of your wonderful family. Thanks for sharing your 2018 memories within a great video package of images. You've got a true knack for capturing FUN via videography.
    I especially enjoyed the Father's Day pirate portion (1:38 to 2:20), but you and your brood showed yourselves to be shining "stARRRGHs" throughout the entire year.
    Thanks for your blog, Matey!


  3. There's a hold-up on the blog
    That's our favoritest of sites.
    It's past 9:00 AM in Jersey,
    But we need hints NOW, this bites!
    No, our frame of mind's not mild,
    This has really got us riled!
    Blaine, 54, where are you?

    ...Ah, now finally there's Blaine's graphic
    And his enigmatic clue
    Which is tougher than Will's puzzle!
    Still, we're glad our wait is through
    For a Sunday without Blaine
    Is like bubbleless champagne...
    Blaine, 54, we love you!


  4. Thanks for the puzzles, the forum, and the entertainment. Best wishes to everyone out there in EnigmaLand.

  5. Thankyou Blaine.Very nice. I got a bundt pan for Xmas so could use some decorating tips. Awesome Rubix cake for birthday.

  6. Nice video! Thanks for such a nice blog over the years, too!

  7. Thank you, Blaine, for the window into the real Blainesville. And of course for the weekly party you throw here! Happy New Year!

  8. Nice video. Thanks for hosting the blog and happy holidays!

  9. Thanks, Blaine, for hosting us with aplomb. Your delightful video was another reminder of how fast things change!

    Do you and Felicia have stock in fondant? Have you ever made pommes fondant out of fondant icing?!

    The Rubik's Cube and its 9 x 6 meaning are especially timely; I see it was served on a table :-).

    Here's to a splendid 2020!

  10. Thanks, Blaine for another year of giving us a place to enjoy ourselves. Your blog is a bright spot in our world. Happy New Year!

  11. Blaine, you and your family sure know how to enjoy life! Thanks for sharing that gift with us each week.

  12. Blaine with all the baking going on and delicious appetizers-you could do something along the dinner scence in "One night" where they blow it all on one amazing dinner evening. That's all I got.

  13. This week's challenge: This week's challenge comes from listener Mark Scott of Seattle. Everyone knows what a spoonerism is, right? That's where you switch the initial consonant sounds of one phrase to get another — like "light rain" for "right lane." Here's the puzzle: Name a well-known world leader, first and last names. Spoonerize this, and you'll get a phrase that means "to have confidence in one of the martial arts." Who's the leader, and what's the phrase?

  14. Just got a chance to watch the annual holiday video. Great work, Blaine! Thanks for another year of managing our playground. Happy 2020!


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